Johansen's Valkyrie Voices

will perform in

MSO Candlelight Concert

at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church

December 15th 

a beautiful concert you will not want to miss

Johansen Sends Six to Regional Honor Choir!

On November 14-16, six members from the Viking Singers participated in the Central Division of ACDA's Regional Honor Choir, held at University of the Pacific. Ranelle Prescott, Madison Miller, Chalyn Prescott, Madyson Wolf, Jillian Trimble and Haley Smith participated in both the mixed and women's choirs. Congratulations Ladies! 

Viking Singers, Finalists 2013 Valley's Got Talent


Co-presented by the Gallo Center and the Modesto Bee, it’s the fourth annual edition of the talent show that has amazed our community year after year. Don’t miss this chance to experience wonderfully talented artists from around the Central Valley as they compete for cash prizes and community acclaim.       


For 2013, Valley’s Got Talent received 127 entries. From these, 64 acts comprising 185 performers were invited to audition. There will be 27 acts in the finals (see below), with approximately 93 performers.      


The 7 pm performance on Friday, August 30, is the audience voting show. The audience vote will count as the equivalent of one judge's vote when the prize winners are announced after the performance at 7 pm Saturday, August 31. If you’ve never seen Valley’s Got Talent before, you’re in for a huge treat—and a few surprises, too!    



$1,500 E.&J. Gallo Winery Grand Prize
$750 7 Up Vocal Talent Achievement Award
$750 Crystal Creamery Band Talent Achievement Award
$750 KHOP 95.1 Specialty Talent Achievement Award
$750 Dance Talent Achievement Award
$750 Instrumental Talent Achievement Award
$500 Paul M. Tischer Classical Music Scholarship



Aaron Raby, Valley’s Got Talent Host

VOCAL CATEGORY:                         
Shelly Bort
Carmen Fausto
The Johansen High School
  Viking Singers
Desiree Juanes
Kodi Mattox
Jessica Neuffer
Liliana Peau
Megan Robertson
Teneisha Runner
Joseph Rykert                    
The Calcium Kids
Chez Paris
The Juline Regional Youth Ballet
Naina & Manpreet
The Blair Pope Savage Crew                    
Branden Lee Cravalho
The Dazzling Duo
Khalil Williams                    
The Cuptastic Quartet
   featuring Eliana Roberts
Drew Monson & An Elderly
   Woman He Is Related To
 Dale Mulhern                    
Alida & The Geronimos
High Voltage Band
Josh Rosenblum Band
Steelin' The Beat                    

All State Honor Choir 2012-2013

The following students were selected to participate in the

2012-2013 All State Honor Choir

Congratulations to each of you on your outstanding performances!


Ayla Mendoza               Johansen High School

Genevieve Ramirez         Johansen High School

Haley Smith                  Johansen High School

Jasmine Woodall            Johansen High School

Jillian Trimble                Johansen High School

Ranelle Prescott            Johansen High School


Aaron Snyder               Downey High School

Diana Walsh                 Downey High School

Kaitlynn Rogers             Downey High School

Nathan Hailey               Enochs High School

Teen Voices: Modesto-area youths join for a festival of choirs

Teens in the Newsroom Program

The festival is meant to develop students' musicianship through the use of ratings and clinics. It was scheduled a year in advance, and Modesto's Johansen picked as the site because of the convenience of the school's setup.

"The facilities we have here at Johansen are ideal for this sort of a situation" said Ulices Chavez, area representative for the California Music Educators Association.

The weeks of planning included the choir directors selecting the music their groups sing.

"I wanted a variety of styles and time periods," says Mary Anne Vlach, director of the Downey High choral program.

Said Jennifer Champeaux, director of the Johansen High program, "I have to like the piece or else I can't convince my choir that it is worthy."

Members of the choirs work long hours to perfect the music and hone their skills.

"We prepare by doing daily sight reading and making sure they know all of their music," Champeaux said. "We also bring in many well-educated guests to come in and work with the choirs so they know what it feels like to be adjudicated."

At the event, choirs are rated on quality of sound, technique, musicality and other factors, such as choice of music, the group's attentiveness and its appearance.

Overall, the choirs can receive one of five ratings: unanimous superior, superior, excellent, good or fair. A unanimous superior rating means each judge has given the choir a superior rating for performance, and the choir has received a superior rating in the sight-reading portion of the competition.

"Probably the most important thing we look for is the music being presented in a meaningful way," said Colleen Snyder, head adjudicator for the festival. "In other words, we call that musicality so that we feel some kind of emotion or understand what the music is trying to portray."

Snyder has a doctorate in choral literature and conducting and is a professor at Reedley College southeast of Fresno.


Festival standouts


Two of the 15 choirs that participated received the unanimous superior rating: the Johansen High School Valkyrie Voices intermediate choir and the Johansen High School Viking Singers advanced a cappella ensemble. Two received superior ratings: the Hickman intermediate choir and the Downey High School Madrigals advanced choir.

What makes a California Music Educators Association festival special, Chavez said, are "the resources we have in terms of professional musicians, and highly qualified music educators in the area really lend themselves well in terms of quality judges and clinics."

Added Snyder, festival adjudicator, "It is something for them to work towards. If they don't have a performance coming up, they won't work as hard. For many of these schools, they try to have a tradition built up that they have high rankings at these festivals and they want to maintain that tradition. It is important to inspire the kids to say, 'We can do this.' "

Geraldine Ramirez, a senior at Johansen High School and the co-president for Johansen choirs, said, "We work as a team and we are more focused and more on task. We were also better prepared to take criticism and not be so hurt about it."

For many students, the state Music Educators Association provides a way to measure where they are and where they still need to go.

"It gives them a rating scale, which is something that you normally don't receive in the performing arts due to its subjective nature," Vlach said.

School choir directors who wish to participate in the CMEA festival next year should for more information.

Haley Smith is a sophomore at Johansen High School and a member of The Bee's Teens in the Newsroom Program ( And one of our own Viking Singers!)



IN BRIEF: A round up of Modesto-area arts events

Johansen Viking Singers win date on stage with Foreigner


The Johansen High School Viking Singers will perform the 1980s power ballad "I Want to Know What Love Is" with classic-rock favorite Foreigner on Saturday at the Stanislaus County Fair. The show begins at8:30 p.m. on the Budweiser Variety Free Stage. The choir won 1041.1FM The Hawk radio station's "Sing on Stage with Foreigner" contest with its YouTube video of its rendition of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams." The video can be viewed on The Hawk's Facebook site.

Choir director Jennifer Champeaux said she is excited about the concert. She entered at the request of a student and has gathered 13 students and alumni who are available to perform at the show. Foreigner, which performs with different high school choirs at its shows across the country, will donate $500 to the school.

The Stanislaus County Fair is at 900 N. Broadway in Turlock. Admission is $12 adults, $5 for children ages 7-12 and seniors 65 and up and free for children age 6 and under; (209) 668-1333 or

Read more here: